Have you ever typed your name on Google Image ?

How did it feel ?


Headshot photographer,

& personal brand manager




I am your best asset to help you adapt your headshot

to the message you want to convey to grow an strong personal brand. 



I welcome you, in French or in English, in my central Paris studio for your session.

You can choose between 2 packages to get the best out of your headshot.




" You rock.

So should your headshot."


   Your image and your personal brand matters.


   My role is to collaborate with you to produce

   a powerful headshot that captures your personality

   while conveying the appropriate message.


Alice or ... Tussilago,

Headshot Photographer with a solid experience in branding & marketing, 

coached by New York based photographer Peter Hurley, awarded best headshot photographer in 2014 by Backstage Magazine.


Basically, how it works :


Book and pay online your photo shoot directly in few clics.


You will then receive a pre photo shoot questionnaire and we will schedule a call as well. Those steps are essential to optimize the session. 


Just chill and have fun during the photo shoot. Follow the advices, tips & tricks and the full coaching from the photographer.


During the session, you and the photographer will make a pre-selection of your favorite headshots.


The headshots that you will have chosen will be retouched. The number depends on the package that you selected. 


Your headshots are delivered in low and high resolution for any use on internet or any other media. 




You are a company and you need a shooting for a group or

on location in France or abroad  ? 


My email : 




My phone & Facetime Audio :

+33 (0)6 66 31 71 33



You make people very comfortable and it is very reassuring because at first I didn't know how to position myself not to look too tight. But then you really helped to relax. I really like my headshots and the retouching level is perfect. 

- Stéphanie, Training Manager

Very good service ! I really enjoyed this moment ! Very fun and what's more the result is great. 

- Caroline, Cadre

A beautiful experience ! I am friend again with headshots as usually I really don't like myself on pictures. But here, magical ! They are superb ! Loads of tips & tricks and being able to see the pictures during the session make you feel more confident and get the best out of the session. Thank you so much Alice !! 

- Virginie, DRH

ET VOILA ! You now know a new word in Swedish ! Tussilago is my nickname and means : Dandelion.

Why this nickname ? Let's discuss that during your photo shoot ;-)