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Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Female CEO headshots NYC

🇺🇸You might have heard (but will very soon hear for sure) of Carole Juge-Llewellyn, or perhaps more of, a startup that she launched in 2017 that has been growing exponentially since. Joone offers a range of baby diapers without chlorine, perfume, parabens, or phthalates ... and made in France.

New mothers can have their diapers delivered to them through a convenient subscription system in many European countries and even in the US.

Joone’s values ​​fully reflect Carole’s personality: Not to be afraid to transcend and transform codes (especially of an industry that was previously secretive in terms of diapers composition) and to advocate transparency above all.

When Carole contacted us to create her collection of executive headshots, this is exactly how she wanted to be perceived through her professional photos.

Start Up CEO headshot NYC

So we created executive headshots but not too executive, corporate portraits but not too corporate, lifestyle photos but not too casual either.

Feeling her strong presence, proximity through these professional photographs, as well as her natural leadership and charisma, was our aim during this professional photoshoot in Paris. Portraits were taken in our Parisian photography studio but also in Joone's headquarters.

These different professional portraits have been widely used on different media as part of Carole's growing personal branding:

We even finished her business headshots session with one of her best buddy: Byron !

Executive Headshots captured by the professional photography studio Portrait Executive NYC.


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