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Updated: Jun 15, 2020

🇺🇸It might seem like common sense but truth is that, in real life, we don’t change often the professional photos that represent us: our corporate portrait or headshot. 

So how long is too long? 

In short, every time you face or anticipate a change, you should have a new professional profile photo that reflects that change. 

linkedin change profile picture


New haircut or change hair color, new bang, loss or gain of weight, teeth whitening, etc… 

In real life, before meeting someone for an interview, or for a business meeting, chances are high that people type your name on Google and end up on Google Images. That’s when it is actually the best occasion to make an excellent first impression: on your professional profile picture whatever social media platform it is (Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc…). Trying to make a great first impression when you physically meet would be almost too late: you can already start that mission way ahead. 

Also, by staying on top of your game with an updated professional headshot, you avoid the absolute awkward situation of people not ‘recognizing you’ in person compared to what they have seen online before meeting you. That is not a situation you will enjoy so just avoid it 😉!


Maybe you got your first professional headshot when you graduated and were ‘hunting’ for your first job and first position… which you ended up getting. 

Here we are 5 years later and you have just been promoted manager of a team and you are starting to go up the ladder. That’s the example of a perfect moment update your executive portraits and have a professional image really fitting your new role as a manager, and not as a junior anymore.

It is part of the process of ‘owning’ your new position, starting to work on your personal brand and executive presence that will be extremely helpful in the next 5-10 yrs ahead. You will thank yourself later. 

Another point: photography has the effect to make things feel real.

best women professional portrait


Here is one example that will speak for itself : 

Robert is a 50 years old senior executive in a financial institution. He has been working for that organization, for decades. He decides to take a big career change and wants to start his own consultancy firm helping young start-uppers getting financing.

He is going from a traditional environment to a vibrant and modern one. So far, he had a suit and tie executive portrait matching perfectly his C-level position but his new ’target’ are young start-uppers… Suit and tie might definitely not make him ‘attractive’. 


Referring to time passing by can sometimes feel a bit heavy and negative but what if, instead of years, we would refer to levels of experience or expertise? That sounds pretty "badass" to say I am at level 43 or level 51 😃!

Anyway! Back to the initial topic here 😂

You might not have changed of position for a while or changed of industry at all … however, something goes by whatever happens: time. And as we all know, times leave some traces one ourselves. So try to update your headshot about every 4-5 years. 

Stay on top of your game, you deserve it.

And avoid the awkward situation of someone not recognizing you when they first meet you face to face! 

linkedin profile photo professional photographer NYC

After this read, you might realize that it is time to get new professional portraits done,

but do you know what message you want to convey through those portrait photos?


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