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Updated: Jun 15, 2020

🇺🇸We were honored to work with Stéphane Israël, who is Arianespace CEO and recently received one of the higher french award: the Legion of Honor Award.

Arianespace’s head of communication contacted us as Mr. Israël was in need of a collection of professional executive portraits to illustrate his leadership and determination. We welcomed Mr. Stephane Israel in our Paris portrait studio where we created different types of professional portraits and corporate headshots.

The body language is simple but purposefully thought, in line with the message Arianespace’s head of communication wanted those professional photos to convey.

It was very interesting to have this portrait shoot while discussing topics like rockets and space launches. Mr. Stéphane Israël is passionate about this topic and it was great to witness in real life!

Those professional photos will mainly be used in press releases and articles, as well as international speaking engagements and internal communications.

CEO corporate headshots by Portrait Executive portrait studio NYC


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