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Updated: Jun 15, 2020

🇺🇸 When you take the plunge and decide to book yourself professional headshots, you want to receive executive portraits that really have that little something extra!

You do not book yourself a corporate headshot session to receive a staggering amount of "average" photos with a "homemade" look & feel. You book the services of a professional photographer in a photography studio to experience a high level of service to get business headshots and executive portraits that will really make you stand out from the rest!

This is exactly what happened during Corey's portrait shoot.

Being in charge of Corporate Engagement for a sustainable investment fund in New York, Corey wanted professional portraits that reflected her energy, not too ‘corporate’ but still simple & serious, approachable while showing her strength of character and persuasion.

For Corey, her personal branding is a real asset on which she always works on. That’s what is getting her an excellent reputation in the world of sustainable finance. So we took some executive portraits with a corporate feel and other business headshots with a warmer feel so that she has a mix of different professional headshots and executive portraits to use as marketing tools to adapt to each of her needs.

Corey speaks very regularly at conferences and events, and at the moment on webinars and online interviews. So she pretty much uses all her different portraits nonstops for this purpose, but also as a professional Linkedin profile picture and on the website of the investment fund for which she works.


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