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Updated: Jun 15, 2020

🇺🇸The 'beginner' mistake we all make is to have one great corporate headshot and use it for everything: Linkedin, email signature, What's App, website, press release, Facebook, Twitter... as a print for your Mother's day gift... Tinder and the list can go on. I have been there myself.

But we all have different projects, different facets to our personality, different skills, different roles and for some, even different businesses!

Each media you use your professional portrait has a different purpose and target.

Your executive portraits are like your marketing tools. And who says 'marketing', says adapting the message to the targets to have its full impact and differentiate yourself from the competition. This technique is used every day in communication, PR campaigns and politics, so why not use it!

Let's not even mention how the brain works: it looks at the images before even reading. Look at the way we scan the images along with an article before reading it. It's 'engraved' in our brain. And the data from Linkedin just confirms that fact: a profile including a photo receives 21x more profile views and up to 36x more messages.

professional photographer portrait paris

Brayden is a prominent lawyer in international law and Global Governance? But he also has his own website writing content and articles about current affairs. He is someone who likes to travel and loves France and particularly Paris. And like most of us today, he has a Facebook profile. He wanted to have a perfectly clean visual branding if someone would type his name in Google / Google images and so we created a collection of professional portraits that would match his brand and messaging needs on the different platforms he uses.

executive portraits nyc

Carole is a CEO that is making some big positive noise in France as she launched the baby diaper brand Joone. The first fully eco-friendly and completely hygienic diaper brand that is bringing transparency in a very abstruse industry.

She contacted us as she wanted executive professional portraits that would match her brand to be used in different print media: Casual, approachable while highly competent with a very strong vision & determination.


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